Ganesh Kumar on tour with Sankara this spring

Mar-30 Boston, MA Learn Quest Academy of Music
Apr-06 Raleigh, NC Indian Classical Music & Dance Society
Apr-07 Washington DC Shiva Vishnu Temple
Apr-12 Rochster, NY India Community Center
Apr-14 Detroit, MI University of Michigan
Apr-19 Omaha, NE University of Nebraska
Apr-27 Portland, OR Sankara Music Academy
May-05 San Francisco, CA South India Fine Arts
May-12 Tampa, FL Hindu Temple of Florida

New York group frame drumming classes

From Yousif Sheronick.

Hello Frame Drummers,
I am planning on holding weekly group frame drum classes on Saturday afternoons and want to see who might be interested. I live in the New York City area (Westchester County). 15 minutes from the George Washington Bridge. It’s convenient by car or Metro North Railroad from Grand Central. The classes would be 1 1/2 hours at a cost of $25 or $30 depending on the enrollment. We would work on tar, riq and bodhran (lap style). It would be a culmination of my playing styles which include Middle Eastern, Glen Velez method and some South Indian. I’m also open to working on dumbek and basic pandeiro and kanjira. Please email if you are interested and let me know what time on Saturday afternoons work for you. Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested. Feel free to email back with any questions. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer.


Yousif Sheronick

www.yousifsheronick .com


by Luca De Simone

What is the tammurriata? To answer the central question of an article that is looking to inform people with a vague if some knowledge of this term, and of the connected rite , is certainly not an easy task(1). When Chris asked me to write this article, he actually made this task more easy. All I have to do is simply describe my experience. This allow me to do not quote the eminent anthropologists and ethnomusicologists who observed and in some case tried to decode this characterizing phenomenon of the Campania’s region (2). So…what’s the Tammurriata? Living it as an insider, as drummer, when it comes the night or it is already dawn when I put my drum in its bag, I questioned myself, trying to reflect on the experience just made. This is my explanation: the tammurriata is an “event”. Clearly I must explain what does it mean for me this term. It is simple, it is exactly what you can find on a dictionary, it is something that happens in a certain place, on a certain time. But it is necessary to add something to this definition, and it is that tammurriata is a “complex event”, made by elements to which it is intimately connected. Without them, even just one of them, this event cannot exist. Am I confusing you? I’ll try to make myself more clear, describing one tammurriata, better The Tammurriata, starting with the key terms previously used, i. e. the place, the time, the elements and/or the actors of the ritual.

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Wubulikasam on the Uighur Dab

Wubulikasam on the Uighur Dab.

New DVD from Yousif Sheronick – Advanced Frame Drum Techniques

Yousif Sheronick has released a new dvd for the advanced techniques for frame drums and middle eastern percussion. The DVD takes the student beyond the “dum” and “tak” knowledge to more substantial development in phrases and faster techniques. After years of study with Glen Velez, Yousif demonstrates these techniques including split finger, fast fingerings, snapping, split finger and italian triplets, and cymbal fingerings.

Yousif’s first DVD for Riq has been a very popular work and this DVD extends his teaching to the uses on bodhran, tar, riq and other drums.
for more information:

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Welcome to the new website. We’ve ditched the Joomla pages due to the desire to simply foster a communication site were we can share events, resources and discussion about our passion, frame drumming.

We hope you’ll enjoy the conversation and if you have suggestions, we are very open to ideas and interests.

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