Tamburi Mund 2012 – 7th international frame drum festival in Freiburg /Germany

Tamburi Mund 2012 – 7th international frame drum festival in Freiburg /Germany

From july 28th to august 5th the international frame drum festival again takes place in the cultural center „E-Werk“ in Freiburg
and course REGISTRATION(starting in the middle of march) :
www.tamburimundi.de and +49.177.4606546

World’s largest International Frame Drum Festival.

Dear Friends of the frame drum music,

Tamburi Mundi is known worldwide as the most important festival for frame drums, and every year has more and more followers. It has assumed a leading role in the international frame drum scene and looks to future  highlights. Be it the concerts, the workshops of “Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Academy” or with the successful “Tamburi Mundi Festival on Tour” events in Iran, Italy, Austria, and Turkey, the radiant world wide festival initiated by Murat Coskun brings together international frame drum cultures.

After the successful Tamburi Mundi Festival this year at Festspielhaus in St. Pölten (Austria) as a guest performance, it now opens its doors once again this summer in Freiburg E-Werk. Under the title, “Crossing Borders”, this year’s festival offers nine days of a broad program of workshops, concerts and participatory events, attracting workshop participants from all over Europe, but also from Iran, Turkey, South America, the United States and Canada to Freiburg. Nowhere else will you find such a unique meeting of international master drummers and musicians.

Workshops “Tamburi Mundi Frame Drum Academy”

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With over 50 workshops, there is something for everyone. Appropriate for both beginners and professionals, from traditional rhythms and playing styles of the various frame drums to modern grooves, to workshops for body percussion, rhythm, language, dance, improvisation and singing. Teachers, include  N. Scott Robinson (USA), Ramesh Shotham (D / India), Marla Leigh (USA), Gilson de Assis (D / BRAS.), Joelle Barker (GB), Michael Metzler (D), Andrea Piccioni (I), Maryam Hatef (Iran), Mohsen Taherzadeh (Iran), Sattor Fozilov (TAJIKISTAN) Yshai after man (ISRAEL), Bruno Assenmacher (D), Omri Hason (CH), Joss Turnbull (D), Phillip Kurzke (D) and Murat Coskun (D / TR) and others at the start of this year will be.

A detailed description of the courses and workshops as well as a timetable for complete overview can be found at the Tamburi Mundi website

The courses are divided into four levels (from “Beginner” to “Advanced”) and also in the level of cross-border offers. An individual can also choose the link information of each faculty to be made.

Tamburi Mundi concerts

TM-TM_On_Tour_St._Poelten_photo_by_Ellen_Schmauss_ _Kopie2011-03-08-festival-ensemble62011-07-08-ensemble-datura-and-friends12_DSC9788_-_Kopie2011-06-08-rhythms-in-dialogue13

15 world-class concerts with an international cast await visitors to the frame drum days in Freiburg, including the renowned Sisu Percussion Trio (Norway), the Korean Samul Nori ensemble Noreum Machi, the Merasim percussion trio from Iran (including the Daf-master Mohsen Taherzadeh from Isfahan), Ramesh Shothams Global Tala Project (including Carola Grey), Sattor Fozilov (Tajikistan), a solo concert by Isao Nakamura (D / Japan), N.Scott Robinson (USA), the Oriental Jazz Ensemble FisFüz ( including Murat Coskun) Isturnbull (project by Joss Turnbull), Tamburello Cafe from Italy (with Andrea Piccioni), Brazilian music by canoe (including Gilson de Assis and Lygia Campos) and an evening of dance and drums (including the Indian dancer Shany Mathew and Henri assembly from Togo). A new feature this year is a musical reading with guest Paul Maar, the famous “Sam-author,” and include the Capella Antiqua Bambergensis.



The festival offers several activities for the whole family, such as the family’s Kids’ concert with the dream of designers (“The Tak and the flying barrel”), the traditional Tamburi Mundi Trommelzug through the city center of Freiburg, led by Rico Kirsch, a drum circle with Bill Zaragoza, a number of workshops for children and families, lectures and sessions. The festival is a wonderful experience for young and old …

In addition, manufacturers also offer this year from various countries, beautiful instruments in the instrument of trade. Here you have the opportunity to discover, new products on the market and also try frame drum.

Frame Drum Award 2012 (sponsored by percussion percussion)

For the first time the Tamburi Mundi Festival awards this year a “frame drum Award”. Murat Coskun (initiator and artistic director of the festival) has launched the award to revitalize the frame drum dance scene and frame drummers to give even more chances to to present to the public. 
The call is independent of age at professional and semi-professional frame drum players. Applications are open until May 1st.

 We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you at our festival in Freiburg!


Murat Coskun & Team